My Outlast experience/review

From the moment I stepped into the world of Outlast I knew i was in for some good old fashioned jump scares. Far too few games I have played in the past have drawn me in enough to make me feel genuinely terrified for my characters life. Outlast starts like most horrors of its type with someone trying to find out about things they have no business poking their nose in and documenting their experience. As soon as i entered the asylum i wanted to leave. The lighting, music and overall visuals made me feel this wasn’t a place i should be and something terrible had happened here. With blood smeared walls, to mystic writing, all of it helps draw you in to the world.

As far as gameplay goes there are no guns or weapons to fend of your various looking attackers. If you see someone run and hide or you will find you character with gut full of blood. The camera is your only option for spotting these enemies and when the music changes you know something terrible is nearby ready to tear you lim by lim. The camera comes with a default mode for capturing the events that take place on your journey and a handy night vision mode allowing you to see in the dark. There were many times when i had to hide in a toilet or behind a door in a dark room and alls i could see in my camera was a figure searching for me. It was a genuinely terrifying experience not knowing whether i should risk staying put and being detected without anyway to defend myself or to run and try and make a break for it. The moments i did run, i felt like i was running for my life not knowing which way to turn and hoping a door would open so i could close it back on my attacker slowing them down and buying me time to escape. Enemies are varied in looks but not much else, each character will chase you and slash at you until you go down.

My experience with the story was where i felt the game was lacking. My objectives felt like grab this item and bring it here to progress while dodging this enemy and hiding from them. Fortunately at about 5ish hours long the game didn’t feel repetitive enough for me to lose interest and the different parts of the asylum kept me on my toes and interested. Compared to more modern releases like Resident Evil 7 however, you can tell its story was not on the same level. The ending to the game being a particular weak point and made me feel everything i had accomplished in my 5 hours was for nothing.

Graphically the game looks goods but not amazing. This didn’t seem a major issue through my play through though as previously mentioned the developers did a great job at creating an atmosphere perfect for horror with the design.

As horrors go Outlast for me is up their with some of the best genuinely terrifying and making me jump. For a style of game i don’t usually play i pleasantly impressed with how much i enjoyed myself and my stream.  Although lacking slightly in story and a mediocre ending, Outlast managed to completely entertain me for my play through and I would give the game a solid:


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