Why I deserted. For Honor impressions short and long term.

For Honor was one of those games that was never majorly on my radar and i had no intentions of getting for release. However when the time came round i got sucked into the promotion and streams of the game and decided to use a gift card I had to purchase the game.

My initial impressions with the game were impressive. At the beginning of the game you join one of the 3 factions knights, vikings or samurai. All 3 factions are available to you at the beginning with the ability to unlock more characters for each faction with the in game currency won from multiplayer matches and completing orders. Depending on what faction you choose at the beginning will depend on what faction you spend your war assets on which we will touch upon later.

The single player aspect of the game felt like the warm up to multiplayer i completed most levels on hard difficulty with fair ease. This was not a bad thing however as their are many different types of heroes you can choose from in the game with different move sets that can be used to your advantage. The story was okay but just seemed to missing any kind of connection with the warriors i was playing as.

As far as combat goes the game really does capture combat between foes perfectly and it didn’t feel like a hack an slash game such as dynasty warriors. Every move could mean life and death. Even the AI was quite a challenge on multiplayer and made me recalculate my approach to the game. As far as multiplayer goes there were 4 modes to choose from. Standard deathmatch/elimination, capture the flag(dominion), Brawl(2v2) and duel (1v1). My favourite of all 4 being dominion. Although the maps looked different they all tended to play the same. After each round you would be awarded new items scavenged from the battlefield and war assets. I felt both really did little to change my character and my impact on my factions standing. War assets changed every so many hours and i really never understood how my personal war assets helped acquire regions for my faction. At the end of the season bonuses would be given to the faction you had chosen though i never got that far. One good thing i liked about this system is if you had chosen a knight as your faction you could still play as any other faction character and earn points for your own.

So single player was okay, multiplayer seemed entertaining and the gameplay combat system worked, so why did i desert? Basically for all the good things For Honor got right, i couldn’t help but find the game extremely repetitive. What started as an initial shock of enjoyment quickly turned into a chore. I felt i should stream this game as its new and current but usually found myself with little to say and it not much fun to watch. I also experienced a few game crashing bugs and lost connection to servers in the middle of single player game causing to lose all my hard won progress on a mission. My matches in multiplayer always felt tense at the beginning but when you ultimately realised one team was the better team it quickly lost the tension and was hard to comeback. For as much as i enjoyed moments in the game and found it thrilling i also found the other half rather boring, mundane and repetitive. This for me is not what a game should be about.

Although i can appreciate not everyone will feel this way and will love what i did not and i respect the developers for making such a great elaborate combat system this game in the long term was not for me.

Whats your opinion on For Honor? Comment below.

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