Why I’m excited for August and the fall. (update the games were pushed back but I’m still excited )

Every year after summer is starting to have fade back into autumn we gamers are treated to months of triple A titles and this year will be no different. Although we still have to wait on our October and November releases yet we do have a taste of whats in store for August and the fall.

First of all Red Dead Redemption 2!! I mean i could end the article here and most of us have heard of the first game. Although its easy to forget there was another game in the series before. Red Dead Redemption has to be one of my all favourite games and settings of all time. From the open world of the wild rest, to the thrilling gameplay and story. It was tremendous achievement to the guys at Rockstar. I literally spent hours in the game just roaming and finding random event on my travels, regularly visiting my favourite town of Armadillo, either saving the town from a bandit attack or becoming one myself and causing terror in the town. If you haven’t seen it yet I shall attach the link to trailer below.

As you can see from the trailer the graphics look incredible. Unfortunately we still haven been treated to any gameplay yet but i’m sure that will change in the coming months.  So what do i want from the new game? I would love them to expand on the random encounters, i loved wandering the west only to find someone i could help or to be tricked by bandits.  A better good/evil reputation system. The problem with the first games reputation system is the story always felt like it was pushing John Marston to be a redeemed hero trying to change his life. Playing the bad guy and bandit just felt wrong and i would love for them to improve that system.

So why else am i excited for August and the fall? Well probably one of my other favourite games just for its unique gameplay mechanics would be Middle Earth: Shadow of War. I spent hours hacking at uruks and orcs finding captains and warlords weaknesses and trying to exploit them. With the nemesis system constantly adapting and making your experience unique to you. The second only looks to expand on that take a look at the announcement trailer below.


So what are my hopes for this game? Really my answer is just do more or less the same as you did last time but expand on those systems. I loved the gameplay its only fall was its story. If the team can make a better and more engaging story then this would be the perfect addition for any gamer. From the trailer they certainly look like this is what the team has considered and worked on from their last games. The idea of challenging Nazgul and Sauron himself just sounds exciting. We will have to wait until the 8th March however for any gameplay reveal. We will be back then with an update.

Any games your excited for? Comment below and let us know, we may even try to feature an article on it. For more click the follow link and get a notification every time we post an update.


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